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How It Works?

You can send money with the following four easy steps

1. Create an acccount

Download our app and signup within minutes. It’s easy and free.

2. Set up a transfer

Add beneficiary and enter an amount to send or amount to receive in foreign currency.

3. Pay securely

Pay using your bank card or by Bank Transfer. All card transfers are secure and we do not store your card details.

4. That’s it!

Track your transfer from the app. We payout to beneficiary as promised in delivery method.

Easy Registration

Sign up in less than a minute

Our signup process is quick and your data is securely stored. We are regulated by FCA and are obliged to ask for Photo identification proof to get you onboard.

Easy Registration with GoldLuxel Services
Easy Registration with GoldLuxel Services
Why Choose Us GoldLuxel Services
Why Choose Us GoldLuxel Services Ltd
Why Choose Us

Ways to send money to Nigeria

Transparent Pricing

We charge what we display and payout exact amount mentioned on your receipt.

Fully Encrypted

Our money transfer platform is encrypted with industry level security to keep your data safe.

Instant Payout

We Payout to the beneficiary on time or when promised, provided compliance checks.

Safe and Secure

Registered with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the provision of payment services and HMRC as a money service

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to below FAQs to know more about our services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Why do you need my documents while registration?
  • How can I cancel my transfer?
  • Will I get notifications about Transfer status?